Turn Your Survey Data Into Insight

Gain actionable insights, solve your biggest business problems and make better decisions.

Pinpoint Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Dive into the easiest and most powerful survey reports. Filter and compare different respondent groups or segments easily when needed.

See the progress you have made by merging previous data with the latest results with our interactive report tool.

No More Waiting

Don't waste your precious time when interpreting the interactive survey data. Gain real-time insights without any delays or loading times.

Gain better understanding faster with the help of our patented Z-scoring that will help you to remove the often harmful response bias from your data.

Any Way You Want

Build customizable reports with only a few clicks. Pinpoint the most important data, create custom charts and choose how the data will be visualized for you.

Share your interactive reports inside the company or export all your survey data as CSV, XLSX, PPTX (PowerPoint), DOCX and PDF.

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ZEF surveys are mobile responsive

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Drive your business, improve employee experience and collect customer feedback with our easy-to-use professional survey tool.

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