Brand Guidelines

Why do we need Guidelines?

We’ve created these guidelines to help you use our brand and assets in a consistent way. If we follow these guidelines consistently, the brand will grow strong. Then, the product itself will be viewed more positively and it starts to feel like it has been here always.


ZEF stands for it’s values love, passion and bravery. We are helpful, optimistic, warm, trustworthy, witty and empathetic. Our mission is to help people to make better decisions. Our audience and customers vary from small company owners to big company CEOs and specialists.

Tone of Voice

We are witty

  • Use casual language with a playful twist
  • Try to make people smile but don't be sarcastic
  • Don't go too much into technical details


The future is for data lovers


In future the smart people use data


Our customer’s data is very important to us and we keep it safe in Google’s servers.


Data collected via our surveys is saved in Google cloud platform. That makes it secure and scalable.

We are optimistic

  • Be positive and solution-oriented but don't over promise
  • Be honest and transparent with mistakes and issues
  • Show, don't just tell


Good job! Your survey is looking very nice. I would recommend you to try how would a green background suit your survey?


Your survey still needs big improvements before you can launch it. For example the background of the survey makes it hard to answer.


Oops, we have made a mistake. We accidently deleted the survey you made last week.


There was an technical error and your survey was not saved. You should create the survey again.

We are empathetic

  • Don't talk about yourself but focus on the customer
  • Be helpful and caring but don't be overprotective
  • Show emotions and respect your customers emotions


Your results are looking fantastic! It seems you are one of our best survey makers.


It seems that our survey tool helped you to create very a good survey.

Tone in action

Situations can change so here is few examples of positive, negative and neutral situations and how we use our tone of voice with them.

Positive situations:


Always focus on the customer and praise her for the successful results.

You made amazing job! Your survey is looking fantastic.


Don't take the glory or make the work sound too easy.

Our survey tool is so simple that you can easily make good looking surveys with only few clicks.

Negative situations:


Be honest and focus on solution.

We had issues with our reporting this morning. Some of the data is still missing but we will inform you when the data will be back.


Don't go into over explaining and promising. Avoid using too technical words to explain faced issues.

Our Git update messed up our system this morning. We will fix it asap.

Neutral situations:


Be informative and use simple language.

New survey layouts are coming in the end of this week. Go and test them out!


Don't go into too much detail or focus on us.

Our designers have spent hours in planning new survey layout for our customers. You can find the new layout from the design tab.


Our visuals are purposeful, they are here to clarify the message. Form follows function. Examples, do & don’t:


Our imagery should always be supporting the message so that it’s even faster and easier to get the hang of it. Joy, minimalism and abstract style are the main guidelines with our imagery.

An Easy-to-use Survey Tool For Teams
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Examples, do & don’t:




Vivid Blue


Coral Red


Night Blue


Snow White


Summer Sky


Carmine Pink


Blue Whale



An Easy-to-use Survey Tool For Teams
Measure and improve your sales process


Nunito Bold (For Headings)

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZÆØÅÄÖ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvzxyzæøåäö 123456789.,!?:;+-=/¢£¤¥

Nunito Regular (For body text)

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZÆØÅÄÖ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvzxyzæøåäö 123456789.,!?:;+-=/¢£¤¥

Download the font

Other materials

Materials such as sales presentations are coming soon.

ZEF surveys are mobile responsive

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